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Bloome Announces New Products To Speed Healing of Diabetic Ulcers

Bloome, a company that cultivates the microbiome to improve human health, launched two new OTC products that will revolutionize the way diabetic ulcers are treated. The first-of-its-kind product line is formulated to dramatically accelerate wound healing. 

Millions of diabetics experience foot or leg ulcers. 15% of these wounds never heal. 25% of these patients require amputation of their toes, feet, or legs. And studies show that up to 50% of these amputation patients die within 24 months. These statistics show that current wound healing solutions leave a lot of diabetics at risk of life and limb. 

“Our experience confirms that common wound healing ointments, designed for minor cuts and scrapes, are no match for serious diabetic ulcers and the complex infections that cause them,” said Nick Ashton PhD.

“Diabetic wounds are deep, dangerous and difficult to heal because they frequently become infected with bacterial biofilms, which cause the wound to grow,” said Dustin Willilams, PhD. “Making matters worse, these wounds also occur in skin with poor circulation.  This combination results in wounds that can take months and even years to heal - if they heal at all.”

Bloome has developed two innovative, patent-pending OTC products to solve these problems, shortening healing time from months to weeks.  Faster healing reduces the risk of re-injury, reinfection and amputation. Bloome’s two product system includes the following: 

  • Topical Antiseptic Gel: Used for the first 3-7 days, this hydrogel kills bacterial biofilms that infect diabetic wounds, removes dead skin cells that feed harmful bacteria, and regulates wound moisture for an optimal wound healing environment
  • Wound Healing Gel:  After the bacterial biofilm and dead skin cells are removed, this hydrogel is used to support the creation of new blood vessels and skin cells (to fill in diabetic wounds faster), colonize healthy probiotics that support tissue repair, and regulate wound moisture for faster healing. 

“We’ve spent the past three years developing these products with the goal of dramatically reducing diabetic amputations and the life changes they bring to both patients and loved ones.  We also set out to make caring for diabetic wounds easier and more affordable for each patient,” said Jeff Wasden, CEO of Bloome. “To accomplish this, we took a very unique approach to the problem. These products work so well, and so differently, because they're designed to restore diversity and balance to the microbiome of the diabetic foot and leg.”

The two OTC products will be sold together for $69 which is a fraction of what competing prescription medications cost. For the next 8-10 weeks, pre-orders are discounted to only $49 - or a $20 savings off the regular price. 


Bloome is bringing fresh innovation to consumer products.  Our products improve health outcomes by restoring diversity and balance to the human microbiome.  This enables human cells and their microbial cousins to work together to deliver a superior health and healing experiences.

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