We're big believers in the transformational power a healthy, diverse, and balanced microbiome has on eyes, skin, and overall health.

A "bloom" refers to bacterial growth. The right bacteria in the right amounts results in a healthy skin microbiome. The name "bloome*" combines bloom + me because we help you bloom a better microbiome.

Nearly all products available today were created before the discovery of microbiomes.

Unfortunately, this means that these legacy products (the very same ones you use in and on your body daily) either harm or ignore the trillions of microbes essential to your overall health.

We believe this is one reason there's been such a sharp rise in chronic health conditions over the past 50 years.

We aim to fix that.

We're doing this by reimagining every consumer product from the perspective of, "How can we improve this product so that it delivers a more diverse and balanced microbiome?"

Our innovative skin and eye care products are only the start. We have many other revolutionary products on the horizon that approach consumer products with the goal of cultivating a healthy microbiome.

Additionally, we know that products are only as good as their quality level. That's why we've designed our formulas and packaging with intention.

Our formulas are the same pH as your skin, ensuring they create an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to grow.

Thank you for joining our cause. We look forward to developing products that support your microbiome and overall health.